1590G Enclosure - Black Powder Coat

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The BLMS 1590G Black Powder Coat enclosure comes with 4 screws. It's diecast aluminum. It's shrinkwrapped.

It's kind of a mini version of the 1590B. (Check out the product images for a side-by-side size comparison of the two.)

The finish on these are not perfect 10s. They're a solid 7. They are good enough for 99% of most applications. The finish is tough, not as tough as the best powder coat you've ever seen but way better than what you can achieve with a spray can. Speaking of spray cans, these things take paint like a champ. Some light sanding and you can easily apply one decent coat of a cool color and decorate to your hearts delight. You'll have a great looking design that is going to save you time and money on doing the whole sand, acetone bath, prime, sand process.

It measures 100 x 50 x 25.7 mm