Clearance! 16mm Potentiometers - 18T Knurled Shaft - Solder Lug

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We switched to a different potentiometer supplier, and we're blowing these out to make more room for the new ones. So once they're gone, they're gone!

Perfect for prototyping and home-builds, this budget-priced 16mm Knurled Shaft Potentiometer provides a great value for this essential component. The 18T split shaft fits 6.0mm knurled knobs and features solder lug terminals.

Comes with nut and washer.

Choose from two tapers:

Logarithmic / Type A

Linear / Type B

The Specs:

16mm potentiometer

Knurled shaft measures 6mm - ALL LMS knobs will fit this shaft. Even 1/4" knobs with a set screw.

With nut and washer

Logarithmic / Type A, or Linear / Type B

Solder Lugs

Power Rating: A Taper 0.1W; B Taper 0.2W

Rotation Angle 300 degrees

Max voltage: A Taper 150VAC; B Taper 200VAC

20% tolerance range

10,000 Cycles

Soldering Temperature: 350 Degrees C at 3 seconds

Check images for datasheet measurements.


Turn a Knurled Shaft Pot to a Solid Shaft Pot: Use a super-handy Potentiometer Adapter!


What is potentiometer taper?

Simply put, a potentiometer is a resistor. When you turn the pot, you change the level of resistance. A potentiometer taper is the relationship between the position of the pot (as you turn it) and the corresponding output. This is important when using an audio potentiometer as a volume knob because humans perceive volume changes logarithmically. This means that if you use a logarithmic pot (type A), the volume sweep is evenly distributed through the rotation of the knob. In contrast, if you were to use a linear pot (type B) for volume control, most of the volume changes will be "crowded" at one end of the turn. The "reverse log" (type C), also called a reverse audio taper, is like an A taper, only backward.