DIY Builder Gift Set

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Tis' the season to cuddle up with a soldering iron! These gifts for guitar pedal builders feature some of our best-selling tools and stand-out products of the year.

So if you're a builder, go ahead and send this link to all the gift-givers you know. Or, stuff your own stocking and treat yourself! And if you have a DIY pedal maker in your life, well, look no further. The DIY Builder Gift Set has got the goods they need to build and modify guitar pedals, amps, synths, and other gear. It's packed with the handy tools that make soldering, assembly, and finishing just that much easier.

What's in the Standard Gift Set:

Rocket Sockets: Our perennial best-selling pedal building socket set is the no-scratch solution to tightening hardware like jacks, potentiometers, and switches without damaging the finish on your gear.

Better Setter: This clever take on the set square ensures that when you finish a pedal, you "set" your knobs perfectly, lining up the indicators every time.

Make Things Make Noise Sticker: Get your gear glowing with the latest sticker from our merch collection. It GLOWS in the dark, because your stuff should be equally awesome in dark as in the light.


We've also created a DELUXE DIY Builder Gift Set, which includes all the standard goodies, plus the game-changing Pedal Port. A new type of "third-hand" tool designed especially for pedal builders with 25 slots to hold pedal components while soldering.

We've only got a limited number of DIY Builder Gift Sets available, so don't snooze . . . it's the guitar pedal parts gift of the season!