DPDT On On MOMENTARY Toggle Switch - Solder Lug - Long Shaft

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These DPDT On On Momentary toggle switches were sent to us by accident from one of our suppliers. We don't know what factory made them, so we can't vouch for the quality.
The center pins are open when the switch is unmolested. Move the toggle to either side and they connect to the appropriate pins. Just like you would expect a normally open DPDT to do.
The good news: We're selling 'em cheap. The switch itself seems fine, but the hardware (nuts and washers) feel a bit lower quality than we typically expect.
The bad news: These terminals do not have epoxy on them, so be careful when soldering, as these will melt faster than than butter on a biscuit. We don't have a schematic or technical drawing.
We won't be carrying these ever again. I just hate to landfill perfectly usable stuff, so we're putting these up for sale for fun experiments, bends, and hacks that aren't mission critical.
Solder Lug
Miniature Toggle
Long Shaft Toggle
Toggle Circuit:
On On