Granny Smith Green- 1590A CNC Pro - Limited Run Powder Coat Enclosure Drop - August 2022

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Now: $9.99

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Snag a 1590A CNC Pro enclosure in this sparkly color while you can! We've got a few left of our Limited-Run August 2022 Granny Smith Green 1590A enclosures. Refreshingly bright builds made with this powder coat have dazzled even the most seasoned DIY enthusiasts. 

What sets this color apart from a freshly-plucked-from-the-orchard fruit specimen? If you took the classic Nickelodeon slime, then mixed in a gazillion specks of iridescent gold, you'd get a pretty close match. 

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Note: The image shows three enclosure sizes -- but we only have 1590A enclosure sizes left. This product is 1590A size only!