Kilo International MLND911-75-2-6MM - Aluminum Knob (11.4 x 18.8mm)

Was: $2.99
Now: $1.99

This knob is for a 6mm shaft. It does not have an indicator. It's shorter than it is wide.

Dimensions as measured with my calipers: HxW=11.4x18.8mm

1.5mm hex set screw

About these awesome knobs: These are genuine Kilo International knobs. They are leftovers from custom runs for their clients. They are all in limited quantities and will most likely never be stocked in this style again. I have priced them all at half price of their Digikey equivalent.

If you're interested in them, I would grab as many as you can now. They won't last.

Need a tool to tighten this hex screw? Get the 1.5mm Allen wrench.

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