6.00 Ounces

Once these are gone . . . they will be gone forever!


Wear your LOVE for the 3PDT foot switch on your sleeve (erm, chest?) with the OG BLMS T-Shirt.

All you old-timers will recognize the original name of our company: Way back in Internet time (2006!), there was a meme making the rounds with the phrase, “Bitches Love _____.” The fill-in-the-blank could be anything, and the “bitches” were any group that a person wanted to impress: i.e. You! (The animated series, The Boondocks, kicked off this whole phenomenon. Check out the complete history at Know Your Meme.)

Anyway, like most of the ideas around here, the name just popped up, and we went forward trying not to silence the part of the brain that thinks all of ideas suck. The name is ironic and silly. Just like us.

The Shirt:

The shirt is printed with water-soluble ink, so the fabric of the shirt peaks through the printing a little bit and gives it that vintage look. Water-soluble ink is also super soft, so if your eyes were closed and you ran your hand over the shirt, you'd have no idea it was printed. (Water-soluble ink is better for the environment than other inks, so go ahead and feel good about that, too.)

We're trying to make a shirt that looks really cool. No website URL is on the shirt. Nothing printed on the back. Just our awesome logo on the front.

And now, a word from our founder:

Lawrence, here. I have spent far too much time buying T-shirt blanks to find just the right mix of fit and softness and durability. (Who wants a stiff, scratchy T-shirt that starts pilling after the first wash?) My investigations led me to the triblend T-shirt from Canvas. It's very light and stretchy, and the charcoal color has a great depth to it. The charcoal is by far my favorite color out of all the T-shirts I tried.

So let's talk about sizing: Everyone sizes shirts differently. (For example, an Old Navy "medium" is an American Apparel "large.")

I want you to look good and to make sure your shirt fits you. Mostly because I don't want you to return a shirt that smells like B.O. and solder flux and is covered in aluminum dust. So go to the pile of clothes that you've been meaning to fold and put away for a week now and pull out your favorite shirt. Lay it flat, grab a tape measure, and compare to these measurements:





If the size you want is out of stock or we don’t have it, Contact Us. We'll get some made on the next run.