Limited Run Powder Coat Enclosure Drop - December 2022

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In honor of the month with the least amount of daylight (at least for us northern hemisphere folks), we bring to you: NEON YELLOW! This fluorescent beauty will radiate off your pedalboard. It's giving mildly radioactive-tennis-ball-with-a-hint-of-sunshine vibes.

Thank you again for filling out our survey. (And congrats to Tobin, our lucky winnner!) Many of you asked for variety in sizes, so this month, we are also offering a few 1590B enclosures, in addition to our 125B, 1590BB, and 1590A sizes! Get them while they're hot.

2023 is going to be full of new exciting drops--and maybe a repeat or two of your previous faves! ;) Thanks for having fun with us!


You asked for it . . . One of the number one requests we've had this year is for MORE POWDER COAT COLORS! 

Each month we'll be featuring a new color -- available in a limited run only. About 25-75 of each enclosure size will be available. So don't snooze on this!

These premium colors are proudly powder coated in the USA, which means you're supporting small, local businesses and your enclosures ship the same day you order! Choose among four of our most popular CNC Pro die-cast aluminum enclosure sizes: 125B, 1590BB, 1590B, and 1590A.

Customers who sign up to our special "Fresh Powder Coat Drop Alerts" newsletter list will be emailed first -- this will give you dibs on colors before we spread the word to the rest of our customers. Our first powder drop sold out immediately, so sign up and score some super cool colors!

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