Taiway DPDT On On On Switch - Long Pin PCB - Short Shaft

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Go deep in your enclosure with a loooong-pin PCB mount toggle switch. This DPDT on-on-on mini toggle switch with short bat actuator and PCB mount pins from Taiway features long-pin PCB terminals measuring 19.5mm. These babies are beauties.

A PCB mount toggle switch is a beautiful thing. It can save you the steps of cutting and stripping wires and then soldering them. (For a double pole, double throw toggle, that's six wires on both sides, or 12 soldering points!) When you choose a PCB Mount toggle switch you'll solder the pins directly to your board--just check the pinout diagram for the PCB on your circuit board to make sure it matches the switch!

These DPDT on-on-on toggle switches are similar to Salecom switches and great for guitar repair, pedal modifications, and DIY audio projects.

The Specs:

TAIWAY brand

Miniature toggle switch

Part# 100-DP6-T200B1M51QE

Double pole, double throw toggle switch

ON ON ON (3 positions)

PCB mount

Terminal length: 19.5mm (.76")

2A 250VAC

5A 125VAC

0.4VA 20VDC /VAC

1/4" or 6.35mm mounting hole

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