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The 3PDT BLMS Sticker


This sticker is a picture of the 3PDT foot switch we see in our dreams, adorned with the ironic maxim that also is the OG name* of your favorite parts pusher.

4.25 x 2.75". Printed on high quality vinyl.

A sticker has many uses:

Bandage for soldering iron mishaps

Sheet rock hole repair

To distinguish between newborn twins

Showcasing the high mark of the sewage break water line in a basement

To indicate which subculture you belong to

Correctly price fruit

And more . . .

Yeah they're free but don't be wasteful if they're just gonna get thrown out or lost, OK?

*Way back in Internet time (2006!), there was a meme making the rounds with the phrase, “Bitches Love _____.” The fill-in-the-blank could be anything, and the “bitches” were any group that a person wanted to impress: i.e. You! (The animated series, The Boondocks, kicked off this whole phenomenon. Check out the complete history at Know Your Meme.) The name is ironic and silly, just like us.