1590B Enclosure - Bare Aluminum

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The 1590B enclosure: It's die-cast aluminum. It's shrink-wrapped. It comes with 4 screws. 

And, in my opinion, the aluminum machining looks way nicer and more finished than what I used to get from the big suppliers (before I started sourcing my own).

The 1590B enclosure is similar to the Hammond 1590B and 1290. Remember that there are LOTS of different enclosures labeled as 1590B on the Internet. Make sure you check the measurements to make sure that the the size meets your required specs.

Our 1590B measures 112 x 61 x 31mm (4.4 x 2.4 x 1.2") and fastens with four screws.

The Specs:

1590B Hammond clone enclosure

With lid and four screws

Die-cast aluminum

Packaged in shrink-wrapped plastic

Length: 112mm

Width: 61mm

Depth: 31mm, including lid

RoHS compliant


BONUS! For just $1 more, you can get this enclosure powder-coated in Black or White.