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About Us


We call ourselves "Love My Switches" because we love pedal parts and the people who make cool stuff with their hands.

For years, this company was just me, Lawrence Scaduto, sourcing pedal parts for my pedal brand Ohnoho Pedals. Now more than ten years into this journey, I have sourced parts for pedal builders large and small, amp builders, synth geeks, luthiers, and just about every other type of maker in the DIY universe. It's a community of builders and musicians that I can't imagine living without.

Today, the business has grown and we are now a husband/wife team (Hi, Rebecca!) making a life together in the Pacific Northwest out of switches and knobs, alongside a high-spirited toddler.

We are obsessive about pedal parts and helping our customers build more cool stuff by offering same-day shipping and personalized customer service.

Contact us with questions, to share your latest projects, or just to say hello.