3PDT Momentary Foot Switch - Low Profile - PCB Mount *NO EPOXY*

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These switches do not have any epoxy!

No epoxy means they're more prone to overheating when soldering.

They were sent to us accidentally and that's why we're blowing them out on clearance because throwing out perfectly good working stuff totally bums us out. There's enough trash out there, ya know?

Compact low profile 3PDT foot switch.

Great for applications where you need a smaller 3PDT foot switch.

They're built well, have epoxy, and all that jazz. Check the data sheet to get the full picture.

Soldering Temperature: 250℃ Max for 3 Seconds.

12mm mounting hole

3A 250VAC

6A 125VAC

Beginners: If you're using a PCB board someone else designed for footswitches you'll need to make sure it was done specifically for the low profile switch (due to a smaller pin layout). Otherwise it's likely you'll need to go with the standard BLUE 3PDT.

Foot Switch
Low Profile Foot Switch