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Obelisk Aluminum Knob (18mm OD)

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Bow down to this solid aluminum knob for guitar pedals and gear, ready to stand guardian to the temple of your sound.

The Obelisk knob adds a weighty gravitas to any pedal design. Echo the obsidian obelisks of magic and lore with black aluminum, or lend a more futuristic vibe in silver. Either way, you're getting a premium knob guaranteed to look great and feel even better between forefinger and thumb.

The Specs:

Obelisk knob


Black with white indicator; silver with black indicator

One 1.5mm hex screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

15.8mm tall

18mm diameter at the base

"HEY! Are these the same as your Brutalist knobs?" Thanks for asking. Alec Breslow of Mask Audio Electronics commissioned our Brutalist knob in aluminum because he has good ideas like that. While they are almost identical to our Brutalist, the height is slightly different, with the Obelisk just a wee 1.2mm below our proletariat-oriented Brutalist. Power to the people, indeed.

Need a tool to tighten this hex screw? Get the 1.5mm Allen wrench.