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1/4" Mono Switched Enclosed Jack - Solder Lugs

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Switched Mono 1/4" Enclosed Jack.

Mounts in an 11mm hole.

Includes two flat plastic washers to allow the jack to be assembled flush (or almost flush) against the inside panel. Using two washers decreases strain on the solder joints of the jack!

Similar but not the same as the Neutrik NMJ4HC-S. The Love My Switches jack body width is 20mm, vs 18.2mm for the Neutrik.

The Specs:

1/4" Mono jack - switched

Solder lugs

Enclosed frame body with two washers and hexagonal nut


(Yeah, I know the exploded image is of the stereo jack and not the mono. It would take me a solid 40 minutes to set up, shoot and edit a pic of the mono version that would be better put to use doing something else. Just use your imagination and picture one less lug, OK? [That sound snotty doesn't it? Sorry, hear those words in an old school New Yorker kind of voice. Like a Jackie Mason type voice and it will be charming])