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125B Enclosure - Bare Aluminum & Powder Coat

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The 125B enclosure is our most popular size for a reason. It seems to strike just the right balance of available space to house everything needed to make a cool pedal while meeting the innate desire among builders to neatly cram in as much stuff as they possibly can.

The 125B enclosure is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum and comes shrink-wrapped with four set screws to securely hold the back plate in place.

Buy the Bare Aluminum for a smooth machine finish that is ready for your powder coat, etching, or printed decal.

For only $1 more! Choose your Powder Coat. Our 125B Powder Coat enclosures comes in black, white, red, and blue. The finish is not for perfectionists, and you should expect to see some bubbles or other slight mars. We'd give it a solid 7 out of 10. But, for only $1 more, we think it's a pretty darn good value.

There are LOTS of different pedal enclosures called the 125B on the Internet, all based on the 125B Hammond enclosure. Please check the measurements to make sure you order the enclosure that matches your required specs.

The 125B enclosure measures 121 x 66 x 39mm (4.7 x 2.6 x 1.5") and fastens with four screws

The Specs:

125B Hammond clone enclosure

With back plate

Four #6-32 screws

Die-cast aluminum

Bare aluminum or powder coat finish

Shrink-wrap packaging

Length: 121mm (4.76")

Width: 66mm (2.6")

Height: 39mm (1.54"), including back plate

RoHS compliant