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1590BBS Enclosure - CNC Pro - Bare Aluminum

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What does the "S" stand for in our 1590BBS CNC Pro enclosure? Well, this box isn't just super, it's super-sized. The 1590BBS CNC Pro boasts an extra 8mm in height over the standard Hammond 1590BB box. And 8mm goes a long way when cramming as much stuff as possible into a build.

Each enclosure comes wrapped in plastic with 4 stainless steel screws inside the die-cast aluminum box. The surface is finished with vibration grinding and ready for your awesome graphic design ideas.

Our 1590BBS is similar in size to the 125BB, 1590BBM and 1610NS enclosures. As with all enclosures, not all 1590BBS Hammond replacements are manufactured to the same sizes. Please check measurements to be sure our size is right for you!

The CNC Pro 1590BBS enclosure measures 120 x 94 x 42.4mm (4.73 x 3.7 x 1.62") including back plate and fastens with four included screws.

The Specs:

1590 Hammond series replacement

With back plate and four screws

Die-cast aluminum 

Length: 120mm

Width: 94mm

Depth: 42.4mm including back plate

Depth: 38.3mm excluding back plate

RoHS compliant

Spiffy like Mr. Clean