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1590J - CNC Pro - Bare Aluminum

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Check out our latest size enclosure--the 1590J! It's got height, width, and depth to spare. The dimensions of this 1590J Hammond clone enclosure offers the illusion of a compact build, but with the authority of a big box. 

Our CNC Pro 1590J enclosure comes wrapped in plastic with 4 stainless steel screws inside the die-cast aluminum box. The surface is finished with vibration grinding and ready for your awesome graphic design ideas.

As with all enclosures, not all 1590J Hammond replacements are manufactured to the same sizes. Please check measurements to be sure our size is right for you! The CNC Pro 1590J enclosure measures 145 x 95 x 49.5mm (5.7 x 3.74 x 1.95") including back plate and fastens with four included screws.

And now my completely subjective, emotional response as to why I like this enclosure: There is a feeling you get when you pick up something heavy and compact, and your monkey-brain goes, "This. I can trust this. It's well made." And if you needed an enclosure in which to house a holy, anti-demonic spirit-zapping device that only can be used in moments of extreme excorcistic need, this is the box you'd want to hold in two strong hands lest it wriggle out of your grasp.

The Specs:

1590 Hammond series replacement

With back plate and four screws

Die-cast aluminum

Length: 145mm

Width: 95mm

Depth: 49.5mm including back plate

Depth: 45.2mm excluding back plate

RoHS compliant

P.S.: Get inspired to start building with the 1590J enclosure! Beavis Audio has a nice walk-through of how to rehouse an Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer in a 1590J.