16mm Potentiometers - 1/4" Smooth Shaft - Solder Lug

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Our 16mm potentiometers with 1/4" smooth shafts are the perfect fit for 6.4mm knobs with set screws. Our current inventory is mixed stock Alpha brand and Love My Switches pots.

Alpha pots come with the locking tab. Our pots have no locking tab.

Comes with nut and washer.

Choose from two tapers:

Logarithmic / Type A

Linear / Type B

The Specs:

16mm potentiometer

Smooth shaft measures 1/4" (6.4mm)

With nut and washer

Logarithmic / Type A or Linear / Type B

Solder lug

Power Rating: B Taper 0.2W / A Taper 0.1W

Rotation Angle 300 degrees

Max voltage: B taper  200VAC/ A Taper 150VAC

20% tolerance range

10,000 Cycles

Soldering Temperature: 350 Degrees C at 3 seconds

Check images for data sheet measurements.


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What is potentiometer taper?

Simply put, a potentiometer is a resistor. When you turn the pot, you change the level of resistance.

A potentiometer taper is the relationship between the position of the pot (as you turn it) and the corresponding output. This is important when using a pot as a volume knob because humans perceive volume changes logarithmically. This means that if you use a logarithmic pot (type A), the volume sweep is evenly distributed through the rotation of the knob. In contrast, if you were to use a linear pot (type B) for volume control, most of the volume changes will be "crowded" at one end of the turn.