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2mm Flat Head Screwdriver for Knob Set Screws

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Back in the day it seemed like every cashier at the supermarket had a display of eyeglass repair kits. Just how many times does a person need to repair eyeglasses, anyway? 

As it turns out, the teeny-tiny screwdriver included in those kits was invaluable for all kinds of electronics repair -- and also for screwing in set screws for guitar pedal knobs. 

Which brings us to today, and this super-handy 2mm flat-head screwdriver. Buy a bunch and keep them at all your workspaces. Nice and strong, and the only tool you'll need to tighten those flat head set screws to your 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometers.

Want to send these with your pedals so your customers can swap out knobs? We got some sweet bulk discounts on these as well! 

The Specs:

Flat head screwdriver

Metal with plastic handle


Fits all knobs with flat head set screws

Need a hex? Grab the 2mm and 1.5mm Allen wrench hex keys.