3PDT Wiring Board PCB

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***Updated October 2018 with extra ground pads***

I wanted to update the Love My Switches 3PDT wiring board design to make it even easier to use.

Behold! Lots of letters are printed on this thing!

An explanation:

IJ = Input Jack Tip

I = Circuit In

V+ = Positive Voltage

G = Ground

O = Circuit Output

OJ = Output Jack Tip

GND = Ground

BLK/RED = If using a prewired LED from our store (in a 9-12VDC circuit), connect the wires here and SKIP the CLR (current limiting resistor for LED)


The Facts:

Compatible with all of the Love My Switches 3PDT foot switches (except for the Low Profile models). Solder lug switches are easier to install than PCB versions, but you can use both. The solder lug switches need less solder and fit more snugly than the PCB switches.

Is Circuit In shorted to Ground when the switch is bypassing the circuit? YES IT IS!

I love to use these boards with a prewired LED. They are the ultimate time saving combo when it comes to pedal building. If using a Love My Switches prewired LED, YOU DO NOT NEED A RESISTOR since they are built into the prewired LED.

This board features double-sided solder pads.

Check the images to see switch solder lug orientation.

Measures 27x24mm