3PDT Wiring Board

3PDT Wiring Board - Front View

This 3PDT wiring board is used to easily connect 3PDT switches to the rest of your project and save you tons of time. It installs at the base of common 3PDT switches. It has on-board solder pads for an LEDs and its resistor AND two sets of power and ground connections. This board features double sided solder pads and a ground pour to help reduce noise.

Cold Hard Facts:

Compatible with all of the BLMS 3PDT foot switches (except for the Low Profile models). Solder lug switches are easier to install than PCB versions but you can use both. The solder lug switches need less solder and fit snugger.

Measures 1.3" x .94" inches (34 x 24 mm)

3PDT lugs mount horizontally (Check out the images for an example.)

If using a BLMS PRE-WIRED LED, you DO NOT need a resistor since they are built into the PRE-WIRED LED.


Red is positive and green is negative on the PRE_WIRED LEDs.

Designed by respected pedal builder Michael Vickery of Vick Audio.

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