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5mm Chrome Metal "Warp Pipe" LED Bezel - Bag of 5

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Transport the look of your pedal to another world with the "Warp Pipe" flat LED bezel.

What makes this bezel special? Its flat face is made of solid metal with a shiny chrome finish. Sturdy, functional, and really cool looking. 

These Warp Pipe chrome mounting bezels are sized for 5mm LEDs -- no piranha plants allowed.

The Specs:

Chrome metal LED bezel

Metal nut and washer and plastic plug/mount/insulator

For 5mm LED

Mounts in an 8mm hole

Depth of bezel from bottom of cup/hump to end of insulator: 9mm

5 to a bag


See this bezel on a pedal! Click through our image gallery for the beauty shot courtesy of Kaisertronics, who first brought this awesome-looking bezel to our attention.