Pre-Wired LED with Bezel - Hump Style - UV LED

uv led mounted in a bezel with a current limiting resisitor and wire leads

Outsource your LED assembly with pre-wired LEDs. The ultimate time saver!

We've got seven colors in both hump and cup style to work with pretty much any pedal design.

Not a lot of other suppliers carry pre-wired LEDs, so if you are new to this product, read on:

What the heck is this thing?

This is an LED mounted in a bezel with a resistor and shrink wrapped wires. The resistor is wired to the diode inside the bezel. Positive and negative wires come from the resistor and are ready for your build. (This saves you so many extra steps!)

Each LED measures 18mm long16mm of which is below the mounting area.

In what enclosures can I put these LEDs?

No modification needed: The pre-wired LED with bezel fits in 125B, 1590DD, 1590XX/1790NS.

3-second modification needed: To fit the pre-wired LED into a 1590B, 1590BB, or 1590A, you will need to modify it. Just snip off the plastic tab at the bottom, and it will fit right in.

What voltage should I use?

The resistor inside the pre-wired LED is designed to take 9V-12V. The value depends on the LED, as each color LED takes a slightly different forward voltage.


The Specs:

Pre-wired LED with bezel

9V-12V (depends on LED color)

Mounts in 8mm hole

LED length, 18mm

Wire length, about 16.5cm (6 1/2")


0.16 Ounces