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Anodized Aluminum Knob - "The Hi-Fi" - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (20mm OD)

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This classic audio control knob calls to mind a childhood spent in front of a massive, wood trimmed component stereo system twiddling knobs in the sunken, shag-carpeted living room of a cool uncle with a mind-blowing record collection who would bark two-word reviews of all the albums you'd pick out: "True genius," he'd say, "Psychedelic masterpiece!".

What we like about it: This solid chunk of aluminum has real heft to it. The styling is simple yet maintains high-quality details--like a machine-line indicator that extends fully to the vertical edge of the knob. A silver hex screw attaches this knob securely and discreetly to any 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometer.

The Specs:

Solid aluminum knob

White or black painted machine-line indicator

2mm silver hex screw (all colors) or black hex screw (for black knob only)

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

12.5mm tall

20mm outer diameter

Need a tool to tighten this hex screw? Get the 2mm Allen wrench.


If you're looking to mix and match diameter sizes, complement the Hi-Fi solid aluminum knob with The Big-Fi (25mm OD), The Mid-Fi (15mm OD), The Lo-Fi (12.5mm OD), and The Mini Hi-Fi (10mm). Check out the final picture in our image gallery to see how they look together.