Davies 1470 Clone Knob (12.7 x 25.4mm)

Black Davies 1470 clone knob

The Davies 1470 clone knob drips with old-school cred. This classic appeared on quite possibly the most famous boutique guitar pedal of all time: the original Klon Centaur overdrive pedal developed by Bill Finnegan in the '90s. It's easy to see why. The smooth surface of the Davies 1470 clone knob is a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch.

Our clone is made of sturdy thermoset plastic and comes with a brass set screw.

The Specs:

1470 Davies clone knob

Thermoset knob with indicator

For 1/4" smooth shaft pot

With set screw

12.7mm tall

25.4mm diameter at the base

0.20 Ounces