Off-Spec - Davies 1470 Clone Knob (25.5mm OD) - READ DESCRIPTION

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These 1470 style knobs are so cheap because they need help to work correctly.

Read below.

These are the Davies 1470 clone knobs we otherwise know and love, except . . . the manufacturing went slightly off-spec with this batch. The shaft holes for these knobs measure 6.3mm.

This means that each knob would need a slight drill out to fit nicely on a 1/4" smooth shaft pot.

So why are we selling them? Because they're still useful as knobs with a little extra work, and we would feel bad if they just end up in a landfill. We hate waste!

The Specs:

1470 Davies clone knob

Black or oxblood color

Phenolic knob with indicator

With hex screw

Shaft hole measures 6.3mm (must be drilled out 0.5mm for 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometer)

12.7mm tall

25.4mm diameter at the base (this measurement does not include the pointer)

28.5mm including the pointer.