Davies 1510 Clone Knob - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (19mm OD)

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The Davies 1510 knob is a classic for a reason. With a flange sized perfectly for thumb and forefingerand just large enough to be nudged by a careful shoe tapthe 1510 knob boasts ease of use, a low price, and wide range of colors to match any pedal design. Go old-school with black, or get wild with fluorescent orange . . . we've got 13 colors from which to choose.

Yeah! These are good knobs at a good price. They fit like a glove on 1/4" smooth shaft pots. Tighten gingerly. No need to make them crazy tight. These beauties will hold for a long time.

It's easy to understand why the 1510s are the most popular knobs in our store!

The Specs:

Davies 1510 clone knob

Smooth plastic with indicator

For 1/4" smooth shaft pot

With flat head set screw

14.5mm tall

19mm diameter at the skirt


Need pots? These Davies 1510 knobs fit all potentiometers we sell in our store. Check 'em out here.