Davies 1900 Clone Knob - Heavy Duty - Brass Insert (15.9 x 12.7mm)

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Davies 1900 Clone Knobs - Heavy Duty - Brass Insert all colors

 We love the Davies 1900 Clone Knob for its simple, slim design. And we love this HEAVY DUTY version of the 1900 clone for its toughness. The brass cup insert means this knob can handle all the rockness you dish outand thank Beelzebub for a set screw that stays in place.

We added more colors to the line-up this year, 13 in all! More colors mean more options for your designs, so collect 'em all

The Hot Tip: These are great knobs. But, the brass insert / set screw combo does require a bit more finesse. Here's what you need to know.

Burr in the brass cup: Sometimes there will be a burr left over from the machining of the brass cup that prevents the knob from smoothly sliding on the shaft of the potentiometer. No biggie! Just give it a quick pass with a metal file and say goodbye to burrs.

Set screw: It's the age-old question, how much pressure to apply when tightening the set screw? This is a "Set Screw Whisperer" situation. When you are tightening the screw . . . close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the screw go as tight as it can until it tells you, oh so gently, to stop because "now it's starting to hurt." Listen to the screw, my young ones. Remember, that brass cup gives you the extra grip you need.

My advice? If you are new to pedal making (or just don't like to be too precious when screwing on knobs), add a few extra knobs to your order until you get the feel for how much pressure to apply to the set screws.

The Specs:

Davies 1900 Clone Knob

Plastic with indicator

Brass cup insert and set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft pot

5/8" tall

1/2" diameter at the base


P.S. Not into the brass cup? Check out the "Light Duty" Davies 1900 Clone Knob. No cup, just a screw.

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