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"Heavy Metal" Davies 1900 Clone Knob - Heavy Duty - Brass Insert (12.5mm OD)

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Our "Heavy Duty" Davies 1900 Clone Knobs get even heavier . . . "Heavy Metal," that is. Snag one of our high-quality 1900 knobs in one of three painted metallic finishes--gold, silver, or rose gold.

These 1900s are absolutely the best we've encountered: A brass cup insert keeps set screws firmly in place and top-notch manufacturing ensures a hefty knob with no imperfections. Even the indicator line is inset, to preserve the life and look of the knob. (You can find more on our New & Improved 1900 clone knobs here.)

Each 1900 knob comes with a set screw and is sized to fit a smooth 1/4" potentiometer.

The Specs:

Davies 1900 clone knob

Painted plastic with indicator

Brass cup insert and flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft pot

15.9mm (5/8") tall

12.7mm (1/2") outer diameter at the base


Mix your knobs and match your metals! Our "Heavy Metal" knobs are available for Davies 1510 clones, too.