NEW & IMPROVED Davies 1900 Clone Knob - Heavy Duty - Brass Insert (15.9 x 12.7mm)

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Our ALL-NEW Heavy Duty Davies 1900 Clone Knobs are so bad-ass they kicked our old knobs to the curb!

We love our heavy-duty knobs. But, even in greatness, there can be room for improvement. And in our hunt for even better, even badder, even more awesome knobs, we found a manufacturer that makes 'em--you guessed it--even better! Yes, we really do tirelessly scour manufacturers to bring you the very best parts and supplies we can. Which is why we proudly present (cue the trumpets) the NEW & IMPROVED Heavy Duty Davies 1900 Clone Knobs.

Same look. Same specs. Higher-quality manufacturing. Which means a better build experience for you!

How are these Heavy Duty 1900 knobs different?

  • Improved heft: Slightly weightier feel when compared to other clones.
  • Tighter tolerances: No more burrs! The brass cup is smooth and ready to grip those set screws with a strength and tenderness that evokes the image of a kitten cradled in the ever-loving arms of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  • Sophisticated colors: Sixteen colors to choose from, including richer options for reds, pinks, blues, and grays.
  • Indented indicator: Painted indicator line is sunken into the plastic mold. It's the little details that matter.


The Specs:

Davies 1900 Clone Knob

Plastic with indicator

Brass cup insert and set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft pot

15.9mm (5/8") tall

12.7mm (1/2") outer diameter at the base


P.S. Not into the brass cup? Check out the "Light Duty" Davies 1900 Clone Knob. No cup, just a screw.

P.P.S. Looking for a deal? We're closing out our old stock of Heavy Duty Davies 1900 Clone Knobs at a deep discount. Stock up here.