Flying Saucer Skirt Knob - Medium - Arrow (30mm OD)

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Available with arrow or numbered indicators.

These skirted knobs fit like a glove on 1/4" smooth shaft pots.

They've got a flat head set screw. Slide them on your Alphas and tighten gingerly. No need to make them crazy tight. They'll hold for a long time.

WxH= 30mm x 19mm


Not for perfectionists. These knobs are value-driven (i.e. not the paragon of perfection). If you get close and cozy with them, you'll notice that sometimes a knob will have wee bit of adhesive around the rim or the printing will be a little blurred or there will be some very slight surface scratching on the chrome. None of these imperfections are usually visible from 6 feet up when using the pedal. However, keep this in mind if your pedal/synth/amp/device is designed to be used at eye level.

For the price they're still an amazing deal when you consider how much work and material goes into these things. I'd grade the average knob a 7.5 out of 10.



I've got 3 different sizes of Flying Saucer skirted knobs, from small to large. Check out the links and measurements below for a size comparison.

Small: 23.5 x 14.5mm

Medium: 30mm x 19mm

Large: 37 x 15mm

Shaft Type:
1/4" Smooth Shaft
Knob Diameter:
Knob Color:
Silver/Aluminum Finish
Knob Color: