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I'd Rather Be Soldering - Bumper Sticker

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Is there anything quite so intoxicating as the incense-like smell of hot solder? Does creating the perfect puddle of silver send little joy chemicals rushing through your brain? Is your workbench your happy place?

Then get this sticker!

The "I'd Rather Be Soldering" sticker is perfect for the workbench, DIY shed space, gear case, toilet bowl, car bumper, and more! So multi-faceted! Just like you.

The Specs:

Sticker measures 8.5 x 2.75"

Scratch-proof, UV-cured ink on weatherproof vinyl

P.S.: Share your pics of the "I'd Rather Be Soldering" bumper sticker using #lovemyswitches #idratherbesoldering on Instagram, or send us your photos!

P.P.S.: Special thanks to Ben Lazarus (check him on Instagram as @Fuzzarus) for designing this sticker and suggesting we offer it to all the cool folks who build pedals using our parts!