Listen Up! Music from the BLMS Community

Listen Up! Music from the BLMS Community

Posted by Lawrence + Rebecca on Feb 27th 2018

The BLMS Mix-Tape

We asked you to send us the music you make with the parts you build. And your submissions keep coming!

Music is a personal thing. We don't know what makes a song "good" to one person or "bad" to another. We're of the decidedly unjudge-y variety. But, what we do know is there's never been a better time to be an artist. It's relatively cheap and easy to make whatever kind of tunes you love. What can be hard is finding an audience.

So here are some of the submissions we received, coming to you straight and unfiltered from our inbox. Each month we'll be adding links to this post, updating it with new music and videos.

We won't be curating (or ignoring!) any of these submissions. You send 'em, we post 'em. (Note: To those of you who have more than one project, we only picked one to post. But, good for ya'll for having so many bands!)

Our goal is to listen, be inspired, and create a BLMS community that fosters and supports those within it. So give these songs a spin, show some support for your fellow music-makers, and maybe you'll even discover your new favorite band.

Side A 

All links provided by the artists, commentary by Lawrence.

Here Knows When - Reverberations from a two-dimensional universe, projected to induce the perception of space and time while gazing at your shoes.

Burrows - Hardcore Crowbar Metal Sludge.

Blinded by Visions - Instrumental Riff Rock from Dirty Visions FX.

OHMNO - Drone pop. Check out this music video if you love offset Fender guitars and vintage guitars you don't see too often.

King Tide - Garage Rock and Roll with a personal, singer-songwriter vibe.

Side B

Paleons - Instrumental post-rock, noise, krautrock, and psychedelia.

Robosapien - Short songs of vintage CASIO punk and Devo guitars. ("Robosapien uses lots of homemade pedals built from BLMS parts"!)

Anonymous Pedal Creations - "Go to F*cking Bed" - An anthem for everyone with a kid. Anonymous Pedal Creations also makes some of the most unique pedal artwork we've ever seen. Check out his Instagram to see how he is pushing the art form forward.

Action Boy - Pop Punk from Chicago - ("I’ve used a few homemade pedals on these recordings!")

Eric Barao - Singer-songwriter / power-pop - Check out this video for some great shots of his studio and pedal-building.

We'll be sharing more music right here on this page. If you want to be included, just send us an e-mail.

Note: This post was originally published on February 27, 2018 and has been updated to include artists on Side B.