New Year, New Music: Share your sounds!

New Year, New Music: Share your sounds!

Posted by Rebecca on Jan 10th 2018

Do you make music with the pedals/synths/noise machines you build?

We want to hear your music and share it with others in our big, beautiful, LMS community.

Got a demo lying around, your band's latest record, a complete suite of twelve albums you've been carefully cataloguing to document the narrative arc of your middle-thirties?


Pretty, please?

Send us an e-mail with links to your music and videos. (Spotify is best, but whatever platform you use will work!)

We promise to listen without judgment and make up funny dances to entertain the cat.

Actual footage of a typical work day at LMS HQ.

Our goal is to listen, be inspired, and share your songs online and in our eNewsletters, creating an even stronger LMS community that fosters and supports those within it. 

Let's do this!

(P.S.: We know not everyone is a musician. Maybe you build tiny robots, or refurbish vintage sports cars. Whatever you are doing with the parts you buy, send us an e-mail and share your projects. It's inspiring to see what you build!)