LMS Staff "Ins" and "Outs" for 2023

LMS Staff "Ins" and "Outs" for 2023

Posted by Molly, Rebecca, Lawrence, Bex, and Kylo on Jan 12th 2023

Like the clean scent of freshly laundered sheets, the blank page of a new notebook, the first strum on a newly strung guitar . . . it's time to welcome 2023 with all the optimism one can muster. We say it often, but we mean it: We have so much gratitude for everyone who is a part of this DIY community . We're honored to be part of the awesome, creative stuff you make.

What's "In?"

Lawrence: making music with humans instead of a computer, daily push-up count that matches my age in years, being here now, learning the full potential of the synths I own rather than getting another I don't read the manual for, singing just to sing, learning how to play piano using the black keys, attempting to master pizza making for a second year, buying good gear I'll have for life rather than cheap gear I sell in a few months because I don't like the way it plays 

Rebecca: bicycling to the new shop, obsessively hoarding daily planners, table lamps, salads as self-care, phone calls with long-distance friends, fresh powder (coat colors), listening to recordings of rainstorms 

Bex: eating way too much pizza, sleeping in, learning how to play the piano, camping in the desert, floating rivers, live music shows, perfectly packed orders, sleeping under the stars, cartwheels, playing my violin, friends 

Molly: taking baths, getting invited to the Wordle group-chat, multivitamins, Bad Bunny, reading for fun, civic engagement, prioritizing the people who nourish my creative spirit, spending quality time alone, Pop Rocks margaritas, playing music every day 

Kylo: frogs, analog filters, knowing the best Thai spots in town, radical honesty, Fugazi, bigger kettlebells, recycling pizza boxes, really cool bugs, indie comics, overalls, year-round 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeletons, stickers, small venues, being a silly goose, tackling a massive media backlog, making things, making noise

What's "Out?"

Lawrence: pizza that is burnt on top, good faith arguing with bad faith people on Reddit, leaky roofs, over-proofed pizza dough that sticks to the steel/stone, shipping carrier delays, contacting FedEx to fix the same problem over and over again, worrying over everything, not speaking clearly from the center of my being, pizza with an undercooked crust, Netflix documentary series that should have been ninety minutes instead of eight episodes 

Rebecca: mindlessly scrolling Reddit, roof leaks, shopping on Amazon, talking about the weather, emotional procrastination, low-quality socks, supply chain shenanigans 

Bex: staying up late, being tired all the time, spending money on food when I can cook at home, watching TV instead of going outside, ice storms, dogs that I see when I’m driving and can’t pet them, eating way too much pizza 

Molly: skipping breakfast, billionaires, overanalyzing texts, not playing music in front of people because I'm scared to mess up, transphobia, doom-scrolling, getting onto yachts with Jennifer Coolidge 

Kylo: mediocre Thai spots, terrariums, subscription services, temperatures above 80 degrees, Christmas music, apps for things that work perfectly fine in a browser, those weird little half-ledges in the middle of the sidewalk, waiting in line for literally anything, matching socks, working retail, having a stage in the corner of a building, Marvel movies, hangovers, this splinter I've had for weeks

Can't wait to see what you have planned for this new year! Share your "ins" and "outs" with us here.