Pre-Wired 3mm LED with Bezel - Cup Style

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Now in 3mm!

Our new 3mm pre-wired LEDs aren't just ridiculously cute, they are ridiculously time-saving! This is an LED mounted in a bezel with a resistor, wires and proper strain relief. Gone are the days of soldering wires, cutting shrink wrap, using the heat gun, mounting the LED (and then gluing in the LED) . . . it's all done for you! Extra-convenient for folks like me who love a teeny-tiny LED but have not-so-teeny-tiny fingers and thumbs.

The current-limiting resistor is expecting 9VDC-12VDC. This means that you don't need to worry about the value of the resistor, only the voltage you're sending to it. You can always go under 9V if the LED is too bright—just don't go above 12V.

Each LED comes with silica gel gasket (protects enclosure surface from scratches!), lock washer, and nut.

The Specs:

3mm LED

Blue or red lens color when illuminated

9V-12V. You can always go under 9V, if you want a dimmer LED. Going over 12V risks burning it out.

Mounts in 6mm hole

Depth of bezel from bottom of cup/hump to end of tab: 28mm

Bezel length without wires: 32mm

Wire length, about 20.32cm (8")

Wire gauge: 24AWG

RoHS compliant


In what enclosures can I put these LEDs?

The 3mm pre-wired LED with bezel fits in most standard enclosure sizes, such as 125B, 1590BB, 1590DD, and 1590XX/1790NS; however, it's a tight fit for 1590A and 1590B enclosures, and the bend needed in the wires for these smaller enclosures may impact the long-term viability of the LED. This pre-wired LED will not fit in a 1590G enclosure.