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Rubber Knob - Knurled Shaft - "The Shemp" (16mm OD)

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Looking for greater control when adjusting your sound? This rubber knob gives serious grip to fingertips and toes. (Sure, some players go barefoot for just this reason, and soft touch rubber will be kinder to these brave souls, but it works just as well for people who wear shoes, too.)

Like this knob's namesake, The Shemp offers an array of options in its creative toolkit. Choose from five indicator colors to complement your pedal design.

Good Knobs. Good Price. They fit like a glove on my knurled shaft pots.

The Specs:

Rubber knob - Knurled shaft - "The Shemp"

Soft touch rubber

For 1/4" knurled shaft pot

15mm tall

16mm diameter at the skirt


If you need more Shemp in your life, have a listen to this loving portrait of "fourth Stooge" Shemp Howard, as told by a grandniece.