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Taiway 100H toggle switch - Military Grade IP68


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Hey Construction and Heavy Machinery folks! Recently we've had a few requests from your industry for a momentary Taiway SPDT 100H switch, so we decided to bring them in!

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Email us by going to the contact page, and let us know what you need, how many, and when. Bonus points if you have part numbers!

We'd love to get more switches at a reasonable price for y'all, as we hear they can cost a crazy amount of money from official part suppliers.


About this switch:

This momentary miniature toggle from Taiway is a military-grade IP68 sealed switch with silver-plated solder lug terminals.

If you are looking for a replacement switch for an IMT CMD.CTRL crane controller, Morebark chipper, Rayco RG45 stump grinder remote or some other awesome machine that gets all the boys to stop and look this may be the switch for you!


The Specs:

TAIWAY brand

Miniature toggle switch

Part# 100H-SP4-TJ00BKM1QE

Single pole, double throw toggle switch

(ON) OFF (ON) (3 positions), Momentary


IP68 sealed, military grade

2A 250VAC 

5A 125VAC or 28VDC

0.4VA 20VDC /VAC 

50,000 cycles

15/32" or 12mm mounting hole 

RoHS compliant

What does this "IP68" rating mean? The IP number refers to the Ingress Rating Protection Chart, which rates how protected a switch will be against substances, such as solid objects (like wire and dust particles) and water. The IP68 rating is the highest possible rating on the chart and promises full protection from dust and other similar particles and against full water immersion up to 1 meter (3.2 feet) for 30 minutes. And, yeah, IP68 is better than IP67.