Taiway SPDT On Off On Switch - Solder Lug - Short Shaft

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Taiway makes great switches.

part# 100-SP3-T200B1M1QE

MINI size

TAIWAY brand

Single Pole Double Throw Toggle Switch

ON OFF ON (3 positions)

Solder Lug

2A 250VAC

5A 125VAC

0.4VA 20VDC /VAC

1/4"/6.35mm mounting hole

The Taiway short shaft toggle switches extend just 5.4mm past the bushing, slightly less than our standard short shaft toggle switches. If you're using short shaft toggles because you don't want random fingers, toes, or other appendages to accidentally collide with and change the state of your switches, these Taiways are for you! Check out the spec sheet under the Detailed Images link for complete measurements.

Strong, reliable and so much fun to click!


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