Taiway 4PDT On On On Switch - Solder Lug - Short Shaft

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Hello, people who love to mod your guitars: The 4PDT toggle switch from Taiway is here!

Let's be real, if you're going to drill into a guitar or its pickguard, it's got to be worth it. That's why we brought in the 4PDT toggle switch from Taiway, which makes high-quality, dependable switches that you can feel good about putting into whatever project you're working on--guitars included. Taiway makes great switches.

Les Paul forum member @az2000 emailed us looking for a high-quality, affordable 4PDT toggle to rewire his Epiphone Les Paul Special-II pickups. In his own words, "The result is nearly a higher-end guitar. It's not just the typical 'replace the tuners, replace the pickups.' It really does create a variety of tone possibilities."

Of course, you can use a 4PDT toggle switch for more than just guitar mods.

Why a 4PDT? It functions like two DPDT on-on-on switches all rolled into one (three position, on-on-on) toggle. That's four poles, 12 terminals.

The Taiway short shaft toggle switches extend just 5.4mm past the bushing. If you don't want to randomly hit your switch during a pummeling downstroke fury, these short shaft Taiways are for you! Check out the spec sheet image for complete measurements.

Strong, reliable and so much fun to click!

The Specs:

TAIWAY brand

Part #100-4P6-T200B1M1QE

Four Pole Double Throw Toggle Switch

ON ON ON (3 positions)

Solder Lug

Size: Mini

1/4" or 6.35mm mounting hole

2A 250VAC

5A 125VAC

Similar to DiMarzio EP1111 pickup selector switch but different in size. As always, check the measurements!

For the full datasheet experience click here 




Solder Lug
Miniature Toggle
Short Shaft Toggle
Toggle Circuit:
On On On