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1/4" Stereo Jack - Neutrik Rean NYS230

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The Neutrik Rean NYS230 is one of my favorite jacks. It's sturdy, well made, and crazy reliable.

Don't waste your time with cheap jacks! -- especially if you are building pedals to sell or take on tour. Jacks are one of the parts that get the most abuse.

The Neutrik NYS230's metal is thicker and harder than most of the clones I've seen, so it won't bend out of shape and lose grip over time. Plus, the cup attaching the shaft to the rest of the housing is FIRM. (You know when you're tightening a cheap jack and it just pops apart like confetti? This won't happen with a Neutrik.)

The Specs:

Stereo jack - 1/4"

3 connectors: tip, ring, sleeve

Open frame body with washer and hexagonal nut

Panel mount

Panel thickness: 3.5 mm

With 0.205" FASTON tabs

Find NYS230 Rean Connectors technical information here.