1/4" Stereo Jack - Lumberg KLB 3

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If you power your build from a battery, you need a stereo jack. But, these hefty jacks can take up valuable space in an enclosure, so what's a space-conscious builder to do? Why, reach for a compact, open frame jack, of course! (Seriously, folks love open frame jacks for 1590A, 1590G, and 1590LB builds.)

The authentic Lumberg KLB 3 is the 1/4" stereo jack of your space-saving dreams. It boasts strong copper alloy contacts, a sturdy plastic frame, and a washer thick enough to slide smoothly over the bushing.

The Lumberg brand is known for its durability, high-quality manufacturing, and reliable spec. Quality components make for a long-lasting build. Get a Lumberg! (No TPS report or cover sheets required.)

Click here to download the Lumberg datasheet.

The Specs:

Lumberg KLB 3 - Stereo

1/4" jack

PC body with nickel-plated washer and hexagonal nut

Total Length: 29.5mm


Want it in mono? Click here.