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Thinline Lumberg DC Power Jack - 2.1mm

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"Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and use these power jacks..."*

Ladies and Gentlemen! The authentic Lumberg Thinline DC Power Jack!

We call it the "Thinline" for obvious reasons. It's slim, trim, and superb for builds in tight spaces. (See its threaded barrel diameter of 7.6mm vs. the 12.3mm threaded diameter of a standard switched DC jack.)

Why buy authentic Lumbergs? You're getting a notch above in materials and manufacturing quality. Lumberg uses plastic that is sturdy--not brittle--and a durable, precisely aligned center pin. 

The generics are good for budget builds (and we sell 'em here), but when you want to ensure the best no-fail DC tiny power jack out there, get a Lumberg.

The Specs:

Thinline Lumberg DC Power Jack

PA Plastic DC power jack with metal nut

Works with 2.1mm Boss style / industry standard power plugs

Mounts in an 8mm (5/16") hole

Length: 17mm

Diameter of opening: 5.7mm

Diameter of center pin: 2mm

Lumberg part# 1614-09


*Whose face is that on the image? And what is that quote from? Why that's Bill Lumbergh from Office Space! One of our favorite characters from one of the best comedies of all time.