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Lumberg Switched DC Power Jack - 2.1mm

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Authentic Lumberg NEB/J 21 C DC Power Jack!

The switched DC power jack is the pedal industry standard. Whether you are working on a new build, a mod, or repair . . . if your pedal uses a battery, it needs this jack. When a plug is inserted, one of the terminals will switch off. 

The NEB/J 21 C Lumberg power supply connector offers super high-quality in manufacturing and materials. With solder lug terminals for front-side mounting. 

The Specs:

Lumberg Switched DC Power Jack - 2.1mm

PF plastic DC power jack with plastic hexagonal nut

Works with 2.1mm Boss style / industry standard power plugs

Mounts in an 13mm (1/2") hole

Total Length: 18.2mm

Diameter of opening: 6.3mm

Diameter of center pin: 2mm

Lumberg Part# NEB/J 21 C

Whose face is that on the image? Why, that's Bill Lumbergh from Office Space! One of our favorite characters from one of the best comedies of all time.

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