Lumberg Switched DC Power Jack - 2.1mm

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No need to put a cover sheet on your TPS reports when using a Lumberg jack!*


Authentic Lumberg DC Power Jack!

The switched DC power jack is the pedal industry standard. Whether you are working on a new build, a mod, or repair . . . if your pedal uses a battery, it needs this jack. When a plug is inserted, one of the terminals will switch off.

We sell lots of DC power jacks: Thinlines for tight builds; generic switched jacks in black, white, red, and yellow; and now these authentic Lumberg switched DC power jacks--to give you even more options for this workhorse component.

Why buy Lumbergs? For quality assurance in manufacturing and materials, you just can't beat 'em.

The Specs:

Lumberg Switched DC Power Jack - 2.1mm

PF plastic DC power jack with plastic hexagonal nut

Works with 2.1mm Boss style / industry standard power plugs

Mounts in an 13mm (1/2") hole

Total Length: 18.2mm

Diameter of opening: 6.3mm

Diameter of center pin: 2mm

Lumber Part# NEB/J 21 C

*Whose face is that on the image? And what is that quote from? Why that's Bill Lumbergh from Office Space! One of our favorite characters from one of the best comedies of all time.