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Thinline 2.1mm DC Power Jack

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Superb for builds in tight spaces (I'm looking at you, 1590LB lovers!) The Thinline 2.1mm DC Jack takes up a lot less space than the switched jacks.

The jacks themselves are also TIIIIGHT. When you plug into these Thinlines, your power connection is super-secure. So if your pedal is not attached to a board (and just bouncing around your studio floor), you can think less about losing your power connection and more about shredding. They will loosen up after a little bit of use and settle into a nice secure fit.

The sides of the barrel are flat. Our customers like these because they design their power jack hole to accommodate this flat side so when it comes time to screw on the nut, the jack won't spin in place. There's no need to risk scratching them up by using pliers to grab them. Cool, eh?

Non-switched, super simple. Uncomplicated, like the way you feel halfway through a vacation when you've gotten comfortable with your new surroundings and have days ahead of you to squander. That's a nice feeling, isn't it?

The Specs:

2.1mm DC Power Jack

Plastic DC power jack with metal hexagonal nut

Works with 2.1mm Boss style / industry standard power plugs

Total length, including solder lug: 18mm

Body length: 12.1mm

Bushing length: 8.1mm

Bushing diameter: 8mm

Mounts in an 8mm or 5/16" hole