Thinline 2.1mm DC Power Jack

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Superb for builds in tight spaces (I'm looking at you, 1590LB lovers!) The Thinline 2.1mm DC Jack takes up a lot less space than the switched jacks.

The jacks themselves are also TIIIIGHT. When you plug into these Thinlines, your power connection is super-secure. So if your pedal is not attached to a board (and just bouncing around your studio floor), you can think less about losing your power connection and more about shredding. They will loosen up after a little bit of use and settle into a nice secure fit.

Non-switched, super simple. Uncomplicated, like the way you feel halfway through a vacation when you've gotten comfortable with your new surroundings and have days ahead of you to squander. That's a nice feeling, isn't it?

2.1mm Boss Style/Industry standard

Mounts in an 8mm or 5/16" hole.
Overall length is 18.4mm
The threaded section of the barrel measures 7.8mm
The plastic portion of the jack measures 12.25mm