1611 Guitar Pedal Knob (15 x 16mm)

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The 1611 audio control knob boasts an extra-secure inner metal ring that gives additional heft and sturdiness to the matte finish plastic shell. (Check out the gallery pictures to see what we mean.)

With a 16mm outer diameter and an inset, painted indicator that runs the full length of the knob, the 1611 knobs are perfect for guitar effect pedals, synths, consoles, and any other piece of gear that requires a quality knob with lots of color options. In short, these knobs are awesome.

Slide one of these lovelies onto your smooth 1/4" shaft potentiometer, and tighten the flat-head set screw with confidence.

DO YOU HAVE A SHORT POT SHAFT? The distance from the bottom of the 1611 knob to the top of the set screw is just under 5mm -- great to use with pots that don't have a lot of clearance above the box.

The Specs:

Plastic knob with metal insert

White or black painted indicator

Flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

15mm tall

16mm outer diameter