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"Tall Boy" Boss Style Knob - No Skirt (16mm OD)

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New manufacturer!

Our "Tall Boy" knobs are back in stock and better than ever, with clarity in their color, precision painted indicators, and a super-sturdy set screw!

These Tall Boys prove that Boss Style Knobs are not the only fluted, mirror cap knob in town. "Tall Boys" skip the skirt for a slimmer profile and will fit into a tight layout like an ice cold 16oz. PBR sitting snug in its foam cozy. 

A clear plastic film protects the mirror caps from bumps and scratches in transit and can be removed if you want a little extra shine.

The Specs:

"Tall Boy" knob

Fluted plastic ABS knob with indicator

Mirror metal cap

For 1/4" smooth shaft pot

With flat head set screw

12mm tall

16mm diameter at the base