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"Big Boy" MXR Style Knob - No Skirt (19mm OD)

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Get swole, bro!

Our "Big Boy" MXR style fluted knobs have done their reps, and are ready to mix it up with our Mini MXR knobs. The Big Boys claim their title as compared to our "minis", measuring 19mm at the base. Check the image gallery for a side-by-side picture of these two fluted knobs.

These fluted knobs feature a brass cup insert and flat head set screw that fits securely onto a smooth 1/4" shaft potentiometer.

The Big Boy knobs are clones of the Philmore 3010 knob, popular with ham radio enthusiasts and appreciators of fine design.

The Specs:

Plastic knob with metal insert

White or black painted indicator

Flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

13.4mm tall

19mm outer diameter


Beginner's Tip: When choosing a knob, check your potentiometer first! Read this post to figure out what kind of knob you need: