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"Mini" MXR Style Knob - No Skirt (15mm OD)

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New supplier with improved look and feel and even more color options!

Our improved small fluted knob may be tiny, but this little control knob sure is mighty! At 15mm in diameter, these "mini" fluted knobs feature an interior brass cup, which adds a confidence-boosting heft and sturdiness. Each set screw fits securely onto a smooth 1/4" shaft potentiometer.

Some folks refer to these knobs as "mini MXR" style knobs; others reference the Philmore 3010 knob. Just note that these petite bad boys lack the skirt you'll find on a traditional MXR-style fluted knob.

If you're looking to mix and match knobs at different sizes, our "Mini" small fluted knobs coordinate perfectly with our "Big Boy" MXRs. Check out the side-by-side size comparison in the image gallery.

The Specs:

Plastic knob with metal insert

White or black painted indicator

Flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

10.5mm tall

15mm outer diameter


Beginner's Tip: The term "MXR" refers to the aesthetic design of the knob, popularized by the pedal manufacturer MXR. Just because this is an MXR-style knob does not mean it automatically fits on all MXR pedals. The right fit depends on the shaft size of the knob's potentiometer. Read this post to figure out what kind of knob you need: